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N E W S F R O M A C R O S S T H E F O O D S U P P LY C H A I N SUPPLY SCAN 8 OCTOBER 2014 • FOOD LOGISTICS FDA Seeks To Make FSMA More Flexible The U.S. Food and Drug Administration suggested changes to four rules proposed to imple- ment the FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA). The changes include: Water Quality Testing – More flexible criteria for determining the safety of agricul- tural water for certain uses and a tiered approach to water testing; Produce Safety – A commitment to conduct extensive research on the safe use of raw manure in growing areas and complete a risk assessment; Preventive Controls for Human and Animal Foods – Requirements that human and animal food facilities test products and the food facility's environ- ment, as well as implement sup- plier controls; Foreign Supplier Verification Program – A more comprehensive analysis of potential risks associated with foods and foreign suppliers, and more flex- ibility for importers in determining appropriate supplier verification measures based on their evaluation of those risks. The FDA will accept comments on the revised provi- sions for 75 days after publication in the Federal Register. PSI Technics Introduces Motion Analysis/Test Kit PSI Technics' Motion Analysis Kit marks what it considers the industry's first service that sheds new light on the performance of crane systems used in food logistics. The kit offers the abil- ity to analyze the behavior of any crane system used in automated storage and retrieval facilities in real time. The kit records a crane's actual motion path to determine how the system behaves with and without load. For information, visit MA6000MC-MAK. United Natural Foods To Open Three Distribution Centers United Natural Foods, Inc. plans to open distribution centers in Hudson Valley, N.Y.; Prescott, Wis. (near Minneapolis); and Gilroy, Calif., according to reports. Asian Distributor Leases Cold Storage Facility In Vernon, Calif. H.C. Foods Co. Ltd., a dis- tributor of Asian food products, has leased more than half of a modern cold-storage industrial facility in Vernon, Calif. in an off-market transaction valued at $4.2 million, Colliers Interna- tional reported. Term of the lease is five years. Goya Foods Unveils Distribution Center in Georgia Goya Foods will open a state- of-the-art distribution center in Georgia to aid with the expansion of business in the southeast region. The custom-designed, energy- efficient facility will be the main distribution center for the entire state of Georgia, along with parts of South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. The facility spans over 150,000 square feet, and the space allows for future expansion of an additional 50,000 square feet. Lineage Logistics Opens Cold Storage Facility In California Lineage Logistics, a provider of cold storage facilities, recently unveiled a 226,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, LEED-certified cold storage and food process- ing facility in Santa Maria, Calif. The facility, which spans more than 10 acres and 5.7 million cubic feet of freezer warehouse stor- age space, is a center- piece for regional agricultural produc- tion and storage. The facil- ity will create more than 250 jobs, both on-site and at adjacent food processing facilities, while at the same time setting a new standard in cold storage distribution facili- ties for the area. Source: Zepol, U.S. imports of dairy totaled over $966 million so far this year (Jan-July 2014). Dairy imports are up over 6.7% compared with the same time in 2013. Milk protein concentrates were the top dairy product imported in the United States and the majority of U.S. dairy imports originate in Italy. All data provided by Zepol. Visit for a Free Trial ® U.S. IMPORTS OF DAIRY TOP DAIRY HTS IMPORTS (JAN-JULY 2014) HTS Code Value (US$) 0404901000 - Milk Protein Concentrates, Whether Or Not Sweetened, Nesoi $143,434,094 0406909500 - Cheese And Substitues For Cheese Including Mixtures, Nesoi, Contain- ing Cow's Milk (except Soft-ripened Cow's Milk Cheese),addtl U S Note 16& Provision $121,445,565 0406905600 - Cheeses Made From Sheep's Milk In Original Loaves And Suitable For Grating $97,478,572 0406909900 - Cheese And Substitues For Cheese, Including Mixtures, Nesoi $78,131,074 0406904600 - Cheese, Swiss Or Emmenthaler With Eye Formation, Described In Additional U.s. Note 25 To This Chapter And Entered Pursuant To Its Provisions $70,791,297 0406904200 - Romano, Reggiano, Parmesan, Provolone And Provoletti Cheeses, Made From Cow's Milk, Nesoi $53,099,513 0406905700 - Cheese, Pecorino Made From Sheep's Milk, In Original Loaves, Not Suitable For Grating $39,901,528 0404100500 - Whey Protein Concentrates, Modified Whey, Whether Or Not Containing Added Sugar Or Other Sweetening Matter $31,887,234 0406909700 - Cheese And Substitues For Cheese Including Mixtures, Nesoi, Containing Cow's Milk (except Soft-ripened Cow's Milk Cheese), Nesoi $30,929,252 0406109500 - Fresh (unripened Or Uncured) Cheese, Including Whey Cheese And Curd, Nesoi $28,931,140 All Others $242,279,585 Countries of Origin Jan-July 2014 by total value U.S. Imports of Dairy ■ Italy ■ New Zealand ■ France ■ Canada ■ Spain ■ All Others $200 $150 $100 $50 $0 AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL Value USD (Millions) 2013 2014

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