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OCT 2014

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G l ob al l eadersh i p in gr een fr eight. Proven tech nol og i es that ar e EPA-ver ified and save fuel. Net worki ng w ith peer s, shar ing success stor ies. C orp orat e cit izensh ip and social r esponsibility. C arb on savi n g s and r eduction of car bon pollution. P romoti ng su st ai n ab i l i t y to stakeholder s and the public. C ost savi n g s by using less oil. Ef f i ci en cy in moving mor e tons of fr eight. D ata excel l ence for pr ogr am quality and cr edib ility. C ol l ab orati on w ith other Smar tWay par tner s. 10 great ways our partners have improved the landscape in the last 10 years. SmartWay is an innovative, public-private partnership that helps companies improve their transportation supply chain efficiency and environmental performance. Since 2004, 3,000 top companies have registered with SmartWay. To learn what companies will be doing in the next 10 years, visit Any way you ship it, move it the SmartWay.

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