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OCT 2014

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Page 32 of 39 FOOD LOGISTICS • OCTOBER 2014 33 More accurate maintenance info The Zonar fleet management solution allows a maintenance department to schedule service and repairs with real-time vehicle data, notes Andrew Johnson, vice president of mar- keting. The remote diagnostic data indicates if a fault code has been tripped, providing information to prioritize and schedule repairs, also preventing accidents or breakdowns. In addition to remote diagnostics, Zonar offers an electronic vehicle inspection reporting system using RFID tags in conjunction with a handheld device. The driver uses the device to scan RFID tags that are placed on different inspection areas of the vehicle. The RFID tag contains information about each inspection zone and the driver selects conditions from pull-down lists on the handheld device that are then sent to the fleet management software. Telematics for temp monitoring The sanitary transport section of the Food Safety and Modernization Act will make temperature monitoring more important in perishable food transport, predicts Tim Shes- sarre, president of Cooling Concepts LLC. This is why the trailer leasing company has embraced a telematics solution from Interna- tional Telematics (IT). While specifics of the sanitary transport provisions are still being finalized, Shessarre says the state of Indiana is already in enforcement mode. The IT solution also complies with the Cal- ifornia Air Resources Board's (CARB) auto- mated recordkeeping requirements for electric standby-equipped transport refrigeration units, Shessarre says. These rules govern the tempera- ture from the time the product goes on the truck to when it is removed. If the truck stops, the driver must be able to report how long the temperature stays within a certain range. Telematics technology also allows fleet managers to be alerted to open door dura- tions in addition to reefer temperature and maintenance alerts, according to Chris Gil- ham, senior system support specialist at Cool- trax, a U.S.- and Australia-based provider of a wireless monitoring solution. United Natural Foods, Inc., the distributor of organic and natural food products, is currently in the pro- cess of implementing the CoolTrax solution in its fleet of 700-plus refrigerated trailers. Reefer fleet managers have historically had to trust their drivers to keep units running properly and limit the length of time doors are open while on route, Gilham notes. Wire- less sensors can collect data including the temperature of product throughout the dura- tion of the route as well as the number and duration of door openings, he says. Fleet managers have more options to con- sider in choosing a telematics-based solution for complying with regulations. While the solutions require an upfront investment, fleet managers are finding they improve driver performance and enhance fleet man- agement overall. ◆ For more information: CADEC GLOBAL, 800-252-2332, COOLING CONCEPTS, 866-2225-7623, COOLTRAX, 877-667-6868, GEOTAB, 877-436-8221, GREENMILE, 855-504-4118, INTERNATIONAL TELEMATICS, 646-688-2350, PEOPLENET, 888-346-3486, SYSTEM APPLICATIONS ENGINEERING, 713-783-6020, TELOGIS, 800-787-2337, XRS, 866-440-9282, ZONAR, 877-843-3847,

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